Participatory Study on School Uniform Supply Chain in Dindigul: The Gethu Group has recently carried out a participatory study mapping the School Uniform Supply Chain in Tamil Nadu’s Dindigul district in an effort to ensure and promote Child-Rights-Friendly School Uniforms. The report also outlines the challenges faced by workers within the supply chain.

Volume 7 of Gethu Post, May 27, 2020

In Volume 7, read about how petty contractors in the textile industry in Tamil Nadu are coping with indebtedness in the times of COVID19 and the impact this is having on the garment supply chain.

Volume 6 of Gethu Post, May 1, 2020

In Volume 6, read about how workers from across the garment sector supply chain are coping with the COVID-19 lockdown. The report covers data from 77 workers from four districts of Tamil Nadu who engage in cotton farming, ginning, spinning, loading, garment stitching.

Volume 5 of Gethu Post April 30, 2020

In Volume 5, read about Gethu group’s analysis of data from 20 Scheduled Caste casual workers in two blocks of Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu and how they are battling .

Volume 4 of Gethu Post, April 15, 2020

In Volume 4, read about the Gethu group’s analysis of a survey of 22 respondents from six locations in Bharghar district of Odisha whose family members have migrated to Tamil Nadu regarding their access to COVID-19 relief measures, their struggles with the lockdown, their migrant members and indebtedness.

Volume 3 of Gethu Post, April 12, 2020

In Volume 3, read about the Gethu group’s dipstick survey of 30 respondents from 13 villages in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu regarding indebtedness, access to credit. All 30 are contract workers, working in garment mills.

Volume 2 of Gethu Post, April 8, 2020

In Volume 2, read about the a dipstick survey with 21 garment workers and 51 respondents in seven villages of Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. This volume focuses specifically on Wages, Right to Food, Entitlements, Indebtedness given the current lockdown.

Volume 1 of Gethu Post, April 1, 2020

In Volume 1, read about the Gethu group’s discussions around challenges in accessing the Employee Provident Fund, even before the relief measures were announced as well as there demand of workers to recognise the challenges of menstruation faced by women workers.

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